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To capture that sale, your book cover needs to stand out. You have just a few seconds to grab the interest of your reader, and then it’s gone. So your book cover must quickly sell your book: its genre, its mood, its setting and its characters. And above all it must stand out from the crowd.

Don’t leave it to chance: Allow me to design you an amazing book cover that will wow your readers and improve your sales.

Custom Covers

A custom cover is designed exactly to your requirements. I'll listen to you and come up with a strong concept that will communicate your book to your intended audience.

Custom Covers

Premade Covers

Premade covers are created in advance, and are for the more budget conscious writer. Choose a design and I'll create a cover from it using your required text.

Premade Covers

Lost Solace

It was a pleasure working with Matt. I had many ideas and he created a cover that achieved them all, in a polished and visually attractive way. The impressive cover has definitely created interest in the book once people have seen it. It’s spot-on for my genre, with great colour focus, professional quality and artistic appeal. Matt created several variants, but we ended up with a polished version of the first design. He’d been right on track from the start!

Karl Drinkwater, Author
Matt Hill smiling

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