I’ve always been a creative person, and take great pleasure in designing and building things. From Lego in my childhood, miniature painting in my teens, game level design in my twenties, and web-design for most of my career, I’ve always tried to keep my creativity alive. There’s nothing quite like seeing your own work come to life before your eyes. It’s intoxicating and immense fun.

My career in design started in the early 1990s. I started in desktop publishing, working for Mobil Europe and American Express. By 1993 I had moved into digital design and development, working on CD-ROMs, kiosks, websites and apps. Eventually I became a full-time web designer and developer, and for twenty years I enjoyed a successful digital career.

However, as the web matured and the early days of artistic experiments disappeared, web design started to look dull. I really missed the more artistic, creative web and wanted to do more of that kind of work. I’d been honing my design and marketing skills for twenty years and it felt like my artistic creativity had become redundant.

Dream Images

I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with design. Using public-domain artworks I mocked up these book covers, and drew some fantasy maps to go with them. Perhaps one day all this will end up in the fantasy book I always dreamed of writing…!

I’ve always loved the beautiful art of book covers, and I’ve collected them since I was a child. Over the years, I had experimented with creating my own book covers in PhotoShop. Just a fun little hobby to keep my artistic skills up-to-date. Every now and then I’d dream about doing it as a career, but it felt unattainable.

One day I was idly perusing my book shelves and just admiring the artwork, when I had a profound revelation. My change of career was staring me in the face and I hadn’t even realised it. I was more than capable of becoming a book cover designer. I just needed to believe in myself and make it happen.

So in 2016, with the support of my partner, I branched out into book cover design. Making the transition into a new career is a slow process, but so far I’ve been amazed at the results. My hard work and determination paid off and I started to get commissions.

As a long time lover of books, being able to design covers for authors around the world is a delightful thrill. I find it much more creatively satisfying than web design, and I’m finally putting the beautiful things into the world that I always wanted to.

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