1. Is each book cover unique?

    Yes, your book cover will be absolutely unique, but please note:

    • I use stock imagery in my covers, so it’s possible that the same stock image has already been used on another book cover. I undertake extensive searches to make sure this doesn’t happen though.
    • I use different styles or decorative elements to ensure your book cover is on brand for your genre and market expectations. So you may notice some similarities with other book covers in your genre, but your cover will still be unique.
  2. Do you create illustrations or paintings?

    Sorry, no, that’s not my skill-set. My talent lies in creating montages and photo manipulation. If you want an illustrated or painted cover, you would be better off commissioning an artist. In the future I hope to offer partnerships with artists and illustrators, but for now you can checkout sites like Deviantart or Behance to find an artist.

    Of course, if you already have an illustration or digital painting that you want to turn into a cover, I can do that no problem. Get in touch and we can work it out.

  3. Do you have different design styles for different genres?

    Many designers have a signature style. If you look at my gallery, you’ll see that mine is often quite bold, with bright colours and large type. But this isn’t a given and I can turn my hand to many different styles. If you’re looking for something a bit different from the gallery examples, get in touch and we can discuss it.

  4. Is the cost of stock imagery included?

    My prices only include the cost of stock imagery when selected from subscription stock services such as Shutterstock. If you’d like me to use premium stock where each image is upwards of $20, for example Neostock, then the cost of that stock will be added to the final price.

  5. Is there a discount if I already have an image?

    If you already have a cover image and have the rights to use it, I can offer a small discount on the cost of the design. Stock imagery is a negligible cost in the design process. What you’re paying for is my expertise in bringing together imagery and text to create the right design for your book and your intended audience.

  6. Can I order an eBook cover now, and a printed cover later?

    Yes, absolutely. If you want to have a printed cover later, I can create that separately and bill you the difference. Even if you don’t want a printed cover straight away, it’s useful for me to know this up-front as I may need to take it into account during the design process.

  7. Do I have to credit you in my book?

    Yes please! :-) Every little bit of credit helps us designers find new clients and keeps us in business. Please add something like “Cover design by Matt Hill” and my website address which is — there’s no need to add ‘www’, it’s not required.

    Please note that if you order a printed wrap-around cover, I will add all this information to the back cover.

  8. How long does the process take?

    Typically the process takes 1-2 weeks from start to finish, although it does largely depend on how responsive you are.

    • Once I’ve received your 50% deposit, and talked to you about the specifics of your book, I’ll be able to get you 2-3 rough concepts within 3-5 working days depending on my workload.
    • After you’ve chosen a concept, I’ll then work this up into a professional book cover which takes a further 3-5 days.
    • I’ll send you the work-in-progress, and depending on your feedback we may need a few more days to finalise and polish the cover.
    • When you’re 100% happy with the final book cover, you pay the final 50% and I send you the digital files.
  9. What’s the refund/cancellation policy?

    I want you to be absolutely delighted with the book cover you buy from me, so I offer a full money back guarantee if you’re not happy.

    Please note that I can’t issue refunds if you’ve already accepted the finished digital files. But don’t worry, if there’s any problem during the creative process that we can’t resolve, or you don’t want to complete the work, I’ll refund your deposit in full.

  10. Who on earth is Carey Merriweather!?

    All my premade covers use the name Carey Merriweather or C.K. Merriweather as the sample author name. Unfortunately she’s not a real person. Well, that’s not quite true, half of her is real as Carey is my partner’s first name. I chose Merriweather as the surname because it’s quite long — and it’s good to know how a long author name will look in advance of a real name being used. So there’s no great mystery, it’s just a bit of real life and a bit of design pragmatism :-)

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It was such a pleasure to work with Matt. He made sure he understood my stories and listened to my thoughts, which enabled him to design the perfect covers for my first two books. Matt was extraordinarily patient with my (sometimes nitpicky) requests. I can’t wait to work with him to complete this series, as well as future projects.

Leslie Heath, Author
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